Research at MIVAC is carried out in 18 different research groups. The work in these groups is structured around 4 major research themes: (1) Mucosal barrier functions and innate immunity; (2) Immunomodulation and adjuvants; (3) Immunoregulation of IgA immunity versus Tolerance and (4) Development and preclinical and clinical testing.

The themes are representing different scientific approaches to understanding the complexity and control of the mucosal membranes and their functions. Some projects are limited to a particular theme, whereas others are cross-sectional and multifacetted, employing the expertise of e.g. immunologists, glycobiologists and clinical gastroeneterologists.

The research themes are brought together in 4 different bridging projects. The MIVAC Bridging projects are unique models for interdisciplinary academic research, as they link preclinical and clinical researchers from different backgrounds in advanced collaborative projects. In this way, MIVAC can address complex research problems that no single group or industrial setting is able to undertake today. Each Bridging project has one or several post-docs assigned to it, an annual budget for running costs, and the scientific planning and guidance of 4-6 senior investigators with different expertise, together defining the research goals and identifying hypotheses to be tested. These projects are often high risk, resulting in new knowledge and innovative discoveries that could not otherwise have been made. Patentable ideas or treatments are channeled to our commercialization platform for further exploitation within the newly established company MIVAC Development AB .