Industry and academia in close cooperation

A particular asset to MIVAC is its enabling of a continuous interplay between basic and applied science, its large number of international collaborations, and its links to industry. The latter is represented by partnerships with global, medium-sized and small companies.

MIVAC Development AB - an incubator for new ideas

In 2008 MIVAC took an important step towards commercial development of its research capital with the establishment of MIVAC Development AB. Through annual calls, projects are identified within MIVAC at an early stage. A patent lawyer, an external advisory board and a marketing consultant review the projects and assess their readiness for commercial development. The close relationship between bridging project innovation and the commercialization process ensures continuity of creativity within the commercial output of MIVAC. In the future, we expect to see 2-3 projects accepted into the process every year; approximately one patent-protected innovation to be incorporated into the company per year; and a portfolio holding five to seven strong patents and potential product areas established within three years. MIVAC Development AB is financed through share holding by MIVAC researchers, GU-holding and other partners. Importantly, the company looks for long-term commitment among its members, attracting venture capital only once projects are ready for commercialization in spin-off companies, or through out-licensing.

Read more about MIVAC Development AB at the company website.