The Mucosal Immunobiology and Vaccine Center (MIVAC) at University of Gothenburg is a strategic research center that in 2006 was granted 5 years financial support from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

The overall aim of the center is to foster basic and applied science in the field of mucosal immunobiology and vaccine development. MIVAC represents an important effort to bring together a critical mass of highly renowned research groups in one geographical location to expand Swedish international scientific excellence in the field. An important asset to MIVAC is the ability to take advances in pre-clinical research to clinical testing and commercial exploitation together with our group of collaborating industrial partners. The center has 22 independent but interacting research groups comprising 120 people at all academic levels.

A wide range of competencies are represented in MIVAC including microbiology, immunology, cell biology, protein and glycolipid chemistry, structural biology, bioinformatics and statistics as well as gastroenterology and clinical immunology. MIVAC is thus an attractive environment for advanced education and training. 




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